Works of Phoebe Ching Ying Man which used image and text.

1. Title
– Beautiful Flowers 美麗的花兒 (1996)
The title of the works created a contrast with the image. (Beautiful VS Ugly, dirty)

2. Extension from a story or a poem
– Hair Pager留下討厭的……(1995)
June 96  (1996)

3. Rule based work
– Wash (2005) “Write down one happy event everyday.”
Rewriting History (writing version) (2008)
Phoebe rewrote stories of her own and other impressive stories told by some sexual assault survivors. It aims to organize thoughts, reflect the reality, and to have paradigm shift.
– Open Question (2012) An exercise of national education.

4. Engage and respond to another person’s writing
– Relay (2013)This art work collaborated with a survivor to generate positive energy.

5. Engage audience with questions
Remapping Hong Kong (2007) 髮剪?發展?香港 “Haircut” sounds like “development” in Cantonese. How should Hong Kong be developed?
– Design HKU Map by Votes (2006) What is an ideal campus?
– Redo Suzanne Lacy’s work “Rape Is” (2012) What is rape?
Erosion of Home2  (2015 Hong Kong) To buy a brick (house), did you give up anything?
Erosion of Home 3 (2015 Taipei)  To buy a brick (house), did you give up anything?
– Love Hong Kong Love China Thick Toast (2015) What do you feel having eaten “Love Hong Kong Love China Thick Toast”?

6. Appropriation
 97 Reunification, I am very happy… (1997)
Birthday Cakes ( 2007, 2014-5)
– Estate Adverts (2014)
Estate Adverts 2 (Taiwan version) (2015)

7. Deconstruction and reconstruction of text.
Selling Bricks (2014) – cut art leaflets to make bricks.
Erosion of Home 3 (2015) – cut around 2000 books to build a room. The broken sentences on the bricks are like poems.

A note on my image & text works
Thanks for an invitation* of a talk which asked me to talk about image and text in my work. Not because of the talk, I did not realize that my art work involved text a lot. For me, it is very natural that visual art do not needs to be visual. Words are source of meaning and can be material of visual art. It helps direct attention, logical thinking and get out of a confused mind. Inspired by conceptual art, I  think the meaning of the work does not need to be obvious and explicit, the idea should be fruitful and able to generate more ideas. The final product is the representation of the idea. The work has already existed in the minds of the artists and the audience. For the rule based work, I just provide instructions of a possible work. I do the exercise sometimes and I sometimes invlove audience to do it. I always got a variety of answers. It can be a social research. The works can reveal different opinion exists in a society and it can also show the thinking and the culture of certain community. The intention of the artist and the discussion process with the audience become important. The physical existence of the work becomes less important. It is always good to have more possibilities and be imaginative.

*Artist Talk by Phoebe Man, “Image and Text” MFA in Creative Writing & Poetics, University of Washington Bothell, Seattle, USA (2015/5/12)